Testimonials by Nepali Communities

RAMESH KAJI- Principal of Shree Setidevi Panchakanya Primary School, Jambu
The first time IICS students visited Panchakanya in 2011, I saw that the way they were teaching our students was very effective. We saw that was even more the case during their second visit. We’re fortunate that we could finally begin dedicated teacher training to learn more. You can see how excited the students are when they are learning in a fun way. And it makes it more enjoyable for the teacher when students are engaged. It was interesting to learn these concepts like we were the students in a classroom. We got to see it from the student’s point of view. I can honestly say that after seeing student volunteers teaching and after attending the teacher training IICS started, after twenty years I am just now learning what it truly means to be a teacher. This has inspired me and my colleagues.

BAHADUR BASNET- Regional Superintendant for 53 Schools
We have really seen Panchakanya Primary School developing over the years thanks to outreach from Himalayan Voluntourism and the schools they bring. We would love to see this school continue as a resource for teacher training. I would also like to see this kind of training at our other schools. The kinds of teaching techniques we did in the teacher training workshop are very creative and it is obvious how much it will help students explore their interests and motivate them to learn. This is an exciting learning environment. Children need that. I look forward to this kind of training expanding here.

SHANTA NEPAL- Teacher at Shree Jay Golma Primary School
I am thrilled to have access to this kind of training that gives us creative ways to teach. Although my school has very limited resources, I am eager to try these exercises in my classroom. It makes teaching and learning fun.