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Almaty International School

2013 ALMATY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Kazakastan) visits Shree Setidevi Panchakanya Primary School in Jambu, volunteer teaching.This particular visit is an important example of the impact of student visits. Deniz Tekdemir, a student from ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL who had participated in the IICS 2011 Nepal trip, was so inspired by her experience that when her family moved to Almaty, she convinced her new school to begin trips to Nepal. So they did! 

Supporting Women's Groups

HV has established grass roots projects in several rural communities by providing training to women's groups to provide them with skills for additional income generation. Training includes production of marketable handicrafts and adult literacy programs. We also run micro credit projects to support women entrepreneurs. HV together with its significant international network identifies ways to expand the market for handmade items produced by these women's group.

Energy Voluntourism

Many villages in Nepal are deprived from accessible sources of energy. HV organizes energy voluntourism programs to help these villages establish access to energy sources. Himalayan Power Trek-Patale in 2011 is one example for energy voluntourism in which students raised funds to help purchase the equipment needed to provide energy to a whole village. Students trekked 12 days to reach and install solar LED panels in Patale village, giving every household access to solar energy.

Environment Voluntourism

HV works closely with several partner organizations. We have been working with The Jane Goodall Institute and Roots & Shoots from the very beginning. The Jane Goodall Institute-- founded by Dr. Jane Goodall, a renowned primatilogist and UN Peace Ambassador--is an international non-profit organization promoting animal and environmental conservation worldwide. The Jane Goodall Institute in Nepal is run by a team of young environmental activists dedicated in preserving nature and wildlife. Volunteers can work together with these young enthusiastic activists and gain firsthand experiences in the field.

Medical Clinics

HV supports university premed students and other health professionals with logistical organization to conduct health screenings, clinics and other health services in rural Nepal communities, many of which have never received care from a medical practitioner. Health screenings are helping to develop baseline data on regional health issues as well as provide basic health care and education to the communities on health and hygiene.View the medical outreach conducted by Acibadem University medical students here.

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Himalayan Voluntourism (HV) is a social enterprise dedicated to the socio-economic development of rural Nepal through the spirit of volunteerism. We believe in the power of transformation through voluntourism.Tourism is popular in Nepal and supports the Nepalese economy as an important revenue generator. Many tourists come to Nepal every year to experience its unique culture, adventure opportunities and the abundant nature. Combining tourism with social outreach provides a cultural experience that engages the participant in the local community… And it is transformative.


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