Le Rosey

2008 LE ROSEY (Switzerland) reaches out to the Halede community and Sanjeevani School in Kavre by helping to install potable drinking water at the school, which helps not only the students at the school but the local community who, prior to this project, had to walk an hour just to collect drinking water.

2009 LE ROSEY (Switzerland) organizes a training program for the local farmers on the topic of 'scientific farming techniques' including Systematic Rice Intensifying Production Technique to use organic farming methods to increase yields while protecting the environment. They also introduce new methods of irrigation that consumed less water via a ‘drop water irrigation method' that helped many farmers in the region who continually face water scarcity in summer.

2010 LE ROSEY (Switzerland) establishes the 'Le Rosey Agricultural Co-operative' for the community in Halede to provide microlending solutions to the community. The cooperative continues to benefit 230 women.