Enka Schools

Enka Schools

2009 ENKA SCHOOLS (Turkey) help Sanjeevani Primary School in Halede, Kavre. They help improve the school building and change the broken doors of the building. ENKA students conduct educational activities for the Nepali students for five days.

2010 ENKA SCHOOLS (Turkey) reaches out to the Sanjeevani School in Halede, Kavre, renovating the Sanjeevani School inside and out by plastering and painting the school building.

2012 ENKA SCHOOLS (Turkey) visit Chamunda Primary School in Bandipur where they help plaster the school, raise a school building, and paint the walls. They also distribute uniforms and school bags to 50 students.

2013 ENKA SCHOOLS (Turkey) and SISLI TERAKKI VAKIF OKULLARI (Turkey) make a joint visit with 17 students to Deurali Primary School in Battar village, Bandipur, teaching the Deurali students English, drama, dance, and art.They help provide maintenance to the school building and paint the exterior.  

2014 ENKA SCHOOLS (Turkey) and SISLI TERAKKI VAKIF OKULLARI (Turkey) and ISTANBUL TED KOLEJI (Turkey) make a joint visit with 30 students to Deurali Primary School in Battar village, Bandipur, teaching the Deurali students English, drama, dance, and art. Beside this, they helped the school paint classroom, doors and windows. They also raised funds for school building construction.





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Himalayan Voluntourism (HV) is a social enterprise dedicated to the socio-economic development of rural Nepal through the spirit of volunteerism. We believe in the power of transformation through voluntourism.Tourism is popular in Nepal and supports the Nepalese economy as an important revenue generator. Many tourists come to Nepal every year to experience its unique culture, adventure opportunities and the abundant nature. Combining tourism with social outreach provides a cultural experience that engages the participant in the local community… And it is transformative.


Nepal Needs Urgent Help!

Following the 25 April earthquake in Nepal, thousands of families were left homeless and hungry and in need of medical support. Thousands still remain in temporary shelters. Our community rebuilding has not ended. Himalayan Voluntourism continues to help support the communities in critical need. Please help us. Please send your donations to us via Himalayan Voluntourism's non-profit foundation:

Beneficiary name: Himalayan Community Foundation
Account Number: 3101017501037
Swift Code: NARBNPKA
Bank: Nabil Bank Limited, New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Watch this touching student-made video by high school volunteers from Enka Schools in Istanbul that characterizes what so many student groups feel when they visit...