ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL (Turkey) visits Shree Seti Devi Panchakanya Primary School with their high school students. IICS donates three desktop computers and engages the local telecom to run ADSL lines to the school. IICS funds the internet connection and provides webcams, which allow them to skype with Panchakanya students throughout the year. IICS provides sports, music, art resources and basic school supplies as well as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap for all the students providing them with health education. IICS grades 3 and 4 begin a penpal program with Panchakanya. View their photo gallery here. 

THE UNITED WORLD COLLEGE (Singapore) visits Bandipur with their students aged 11-13. Students conduct educational activities. UWC plans to develop the Don Smith Children Learning Center into an IT Center and raise funds for computer resources and internet. View their photo gallery here. 

TSA SOLUTIONS Worldwide visits twice in 2012, repairing the roof of the Sanjeevani Primary School buildings, donating computers, and committing to pay for a trained teacher to teach at the school.  View their photo gallery here.