BALLARAT GRAMMAR SCHOOL (Australia) volunteers at Bacchala School, Baarhabise, Bhotekoshi Valley, Sindhupalchok and donates educational and sport materials to the school. ENKA (Turkey) volunteers at the Chamunda Primary School in Bandipur by renovating the school building. They also donate school bags and educational and sports materials to each student.

ISTANBUL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL (Turkey) reaches out to Shree Seti Devi Panchakanya Primary School in Baarhabise, Bhotekoshi Valley, Sindhupalchok. IICS students raise project funds to help build a new school building for Panchakanya to allow it to expand 3 grades to include grades 6, 7, and 8. IICS students also visit the school to teach sports, music, art, English, and math to 70+ students. They distribute 90 pair of children’s shoes for the community and provide a year’s worth of school supplies for Shree Seti Devi Panchakanya as well as Shree Boomachaur Primary School. View their photo gallery here. 

NEUCHATEL JUNIOR COLLEGE (Switzerland) reach out to the Paatle community and Patle School in Okhaldhunga. To do so, they complete an arduous 12 day trek to the village Paatle in the Everest region where they install 80 sets of LED solar lighting solutions for the whole community. The expedition was named "Himalayan Power Trek'.

DUBAI BRITISH SCHOOL (Dubai) reach out to the Sanjeevani Primary School in Kavre and the Chamunda School in Bandipur. At the Sanjeevani School they provide the project funding to help build two toilets for the school. Prior to this, the students there had no toilet! The DBS project fund also helps the school complete a wing of their school building that had been left unfinished due to lack of funds. DBS students also volunteer at the school for four days. In addition, DBS helps fund a brand new roof for Chamunda School in Bandipur and donate uniforms and educational materials for the students. The school's nurse, Darina Regan, runs a health clinic. View their photo gallery here. 

THE UNITED WORLD COLLEGE (Singapore) visits Bandipur with their students aged 11-13. UWC declares the 'Don Smith Children Learning Center' as their Global Concern project and name it the 'Flags of Nepal' project. UWC has been supporting DSLC since 2011, paying for the supervisors, looking after all the maintenance, and funding all the educational materials that are needed. View their photo gallery here. 


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Himalayan Voluntourism (HV) is a social enterprise dedicated to the socio-economic development of rural Nepal through the spirit of volunteerism. We believe in the power of transformation through voluntourism.Tourism is popular in Nepal and supports the Nepalese economy as an important revenue generator. Many tourists come to Nepal every year to experience its unique culture, adventure opportunities and the abundant nature. Combining tourism with social outreach provides a cultural experience that engages the participant in the local community… And it is transformative.


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