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When volunteering, it's important to prioritize your medical health to ensure your well-being and ability to contribute effectively. Here are some considerations regarding medical health when volunteering:

Covid Vaccinations (QR code or Vaccination card copy required)

Yes, travel and medical insurance is required and is your responsibility. Himalayan Voluntourism is not responsible for financial compensation in the event of loss or theft of belongings or necessary medical assistance while volunteering. As with any international trip, insurance is highly recommended. Comprehensive travel and medical insurance are required before traveling to Nepal.
Comprehensive insurance is recommended for medical treatment, accidents and helicopter evacuation. It is also recommended to insure against unexpected losses, such as flight cancellations, theft or loss of cash, cards, passports, baggage, loss or liability due to acts of terrorism.
Please review your insurance policy details and review exclusions to ensure your insurance is properly covered for any activities you plan to do. If you plan to hike, make sure you are covered for accidents and helicopter evacuations. Insurance must cover at least 5000 meters.

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